Hull Christian School


SCRIP is a great opportunity for every individual family to reduce their own tuition. Hull Christian School purchases gift certificates from a national broker and local businesses in bulk amounts at a discount, and then resells these certificates to families at face value. The 'profit' earned is used to reduce tuition costs for the individual families that purchase the certificates. 75% goes directly to the family and 25% goes to Hull Christian School.
Whether you are a current family, a future family, or a Hull Christian School supporter, you can participate in this great way to save money for yourself and others! HCS parents receive the immediate benefit while future parents planning to send their child to HCS can begin building up a fund. Any future monies earned are held by the SCRIP fund and then credited as a tuition payment when their child is enrolled at HCS. Families with children only at Western Christian High School can also benefit. Your tuition will be credited at Western.
This is also great for supporters of HCS to help with the tuition of your grandchildren, needy families, or the general fund of HCS. When you sign up to use SCRIP just specify which account you would like credited. If you would like to change your account to a specified account during the year please let us know.
To get started, visit the HCS office.