Hull Christian School

SCRIP Policies

Policies of Hull Christian School SCRIP Program

  1. SCRIP orders are processed weekly, except the days school is not in session and summer.  A summer schedule will be printed.
  2. An account number will be assigned to you.  Please place certificate order in the envelope and make checks out to HSC Shopping Account.  These checks are non-tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value.
  3. The credit earned in each Current family account will be held by the SCRIP program and forwarded to individual tuition accounts in April of each year.  A statement of purchases and amount earned will be distributed to all members.  Any discrepancies must be brought to the attentions of the SCRIP coordinator within 30 days of the statement date.  (For easy reference to your tuition balance, see the new envelope with your latest order. Add the totals of your ‘previous balance’ the amount ‘earned’.
  4. Hull Christian School offers the SCRIP as a promotion for the education of students at HCS; therefore, the money collected on your Family Number will only be paid to HCS or WCHS.  If your child(ren) no longer will attend HCS or WCHS, the monies held under your Family Number can be:
    1. Credited to another family’s tuition
    2. Credited to a your future account for WCHS
    3. Credited to the HCS general fund
    4. Credited to 1st CRC or Hope CRC Education Fund
    5. Transfer to another private school's tuition account wihich is approved by the finance committee
       NO Refunds will be issued.
  5. Drop off/Pick up sites:
    School Office:  Orders due by Monday morning at 8:30AM.  Filled orders will be ready for pickup on Friday of the same week as early as 8:00AM (A day will be designated in the summer.)
    Hope CRC and 1st CRC SCRIP Mailbox:  Orders only by Monday morning 7:30AM
    Certificates sent home:  Your child will be able to take your orders home but it must be specified by you.  They will be sent home only on Friday.
    NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE PROCESSED, but can be held for the next week. It is up to your discretion how often you place an order.
  6. Walk in orders are acceptable for local businesses only.  These certificates can be purchased during normal school hours.  They will be on a first come, first serve basis.  When they are gone you will have to wait until the next week.
  7. These gift certificates are just like cash.  Once your order is picked up from school or sent home with your child, you and/or your child are responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced certificates.   HCS or the SCRIP program will not be held responsible.  Gift cards have varying expiration dates from three months to one or two years, to no expiration date at all. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to keep track of the expiration dates of the certificates.  See the back of the cards for more details.
  8. Anyone writing a Non-Sufficient Fund check will incur a fee of $5.00 to be paid to the HCS Shopping Account.  After two NSF checks are tendered on your SCRIP Account, only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted for payment.  No further personal checks will be accepted for purchase of certificates.
  9. In case a store would close and you have debit cards or certificates that are not redeemed, it is neither HSC nor the SCRIP program’s responsibility to refund you.  The SCRIP coordinator will inform you as soon as possible of a store closing.