Hull Christian School

Kindergarten Star Student Schedule


Date/Name of Star Student 2018-2019

August 27:  Kolby 

 September 6:  Sawyer

 September 17:  Andy 

 September 27: Dade

 October 11:  Jenson 

 October 22:  Gavin

 November 1:  Elijah

 November 12:  Jazmyn 

November 26:  Tucker 

 December 6:  Vera 

 December 17:  Lily 

January 7:  Alexis 

January 17:  Kendrick 

January 28:  Landon 

February 7:  Seth 

February 21:  Russell

March 4:  Addison 

March 14:  Hunter 

March 25:  Brody 

April 4:  Slayden 

April 15:  Kadence 

April 29:  Kwynlee 

May 9: Jackson 

May 17:  Liam

Dear Family,    

     Your child will be star student for approximately 6 kindergarten days during the school year.  This will give your child's classmates an opportunity to learn more about your child.  I will send a folder home a few days before your child is star student.  Inside the folder are posters that you may tape pictures to.  You may send pictures that tell about your child, family members, interests, favorite foods, hobbies, or anything else important to your child.  Please send the folder of posters/pictures back to school on the first day that he/she is the star student.  Your child will also be our class helper on these days.  Thank you in advance for your help!