Hull Christian School


5th graders will use the same words for spelling and vocabulary which will be split up into week one (spelling) and week two (vocabulary). 5th graders will have a spelling or vocabulary test each Friday.  Each Vocabulary Workshop unit is two weeks long.  The first week the students will be introduced to the 12 words with a spelling pretest on Monday.  We will complete the "Definitions" section together as a class. The students will be asked to complete the "Match the Meaning" and "Synonyms and Antonyms" workbook sections for Friday of that same week.  On Friday of week one they will take a final spelling test.  The following Friday the students will take a vocabulary test, working with the same 12 words from week one.  During week two the students will be expected to complete the "Completing the Sentence" and "Word Associations" sections of the workbook for Friday. Spelling and vocabulary words can be found on the weekly newsletter as well as in the workbook.